Calling All Requests and Dedications

Calling all cookie lovers, carb enthusiasts and Iron Chef experts!

In 22 days, the moving trucks will arrive, the bubble wrap will come out and the contents of my house will spend 2 weeks in transit to the west coast.  In preparation, I am on a mission to empty my cabinets, including my near and dear baking drawer.  Thanks to strawberry cake, peach and blueberry cobbler, double chocolate banana bread, peach pie and a round of Nutella cookies, I’ve made some progress, but some delicious, dare I call them dregs remain.  So in the spirit of communal feasting, I’m reaching out for your suggestions, requests and dedications until the drawer is empty.  In addition to the featured accessory ingredients, the baking ingredient standards are in abundant supply.  We have some real gems in this pile, so don’t be shy folks – let your culinary creative juices flow in the comment section and let’s Iron Chef this drawer empty!

For those of you with whom I share an office or a zip code: place your requests now – I only have 3 jars of Nutella left.  Clearly these are desperate times.  Also, if anyone would like to come over for a dinner of diced tomatoes, granola bars, penne and cereal, my kitchen is open.


4 thoughts

  1. What can you do with the Nutella and peanut butter in the realm of No Bake cookies?? I hope these upcoming weeks go by slowly…. 🙁

    • If I make all these requests they will go by incredibly slowly since we’ll all be inpatient with DKA. And resounding YES to Nutella no bake cookies. I’ll get to work.

  2. The chocolate banana bread is happening in my kitchen. But I’ve been thinking about coconut macaroons? Use those caramel squares somehow!!

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